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Shop our full range of high quality fire tools. From the Kindling Cracker™ firewood splitter to Espegard’s fire pan and accessories.
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Kindling Cracker OriginalKindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Sale price£119.00
Kindling Cracker KingKindling Cracker King
Kindling Cracker King
Sale price£179.00
Save £20.00
Kindling Cracker Original BundleKindling Cracker Original Bundle
Kindling Cracker Original Bundle
Sale price£138.00 Regular price£158.00
Save £20.00
Kindling Cracker King BundleKindling Cracker King Bundle
Kindling Cracker King Bundle
Sale price£198.00 Regular price£218.00
Save £25.00
Kindling Cracker Original Premium BundleKindling Cracker Original Premium Bundle
Kindling Cracker Original Premium Bundle
Sale price£158.00 Regular price£183.00
Save £25.00
Kindling Cracker King Premium BundleKindling Cracker King Premium Bundle
Kindling Cracker King Premium Bundle
Sale price£217.00 Regular price£242.00
Espegard Fire Pan 60Espegard Fire Pan 60
Espegard Fire Pan 60
Sale price£249.00
Save £36.90
Espegard Fire Pan 60 BundleEspegard Fire Pan 60 Bundle
Espegard Fire Pan 60 Bundle
Sale price£328.00 Regular price£364.90
Waffle IronWaffle Iron
Waffle Iron
Sale price£49.00
Toast IronToast Iron
Toast Iron
Sale price£49.00
Coffee Kettle SetCoffee Kettle Set
Coffee Kettle Set
Sale price£49.00
Skewer - TelescopicSkewer - Telescopic
Skewer - Telescopic
Sale price£8.95
Grill Plate - Cast IronGrill Plate - Cast Iron
Grill Plate - Cast Iron
Sale price£89.00
Cover Kindling Cracker OriginalCover Kindling Cracker Original
Cover Kindling Cracker KingCover Kindling Cracker King
Cover Kindling Cracker King
Sale price£29.95
Save £5.85
Natural Firelighters 4-PackNatural Firelighters 4-Pack
Natural Firelighters 4-Pack
Sale price£29.95 Regular price£35.80
Sledge Hammer - Kindling CrackerSledge Hammer - Kindling Cracker
Natural FirelightersNatural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Sale price£8.95


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