Become a Dealer for Espegard's Fire Pans

Fandango Fire Tools is the European distributor for Kindling Cracker™ and Espegard®. We supply everyone - from small individual stores to large chains all over Europe.

Are you interested in becoming a dealer of Kindling Cracker and Espegard's product range?

The Kindling Cracker has become the number one selling fireside accessory. It is proving a huge success for many dealers around the UK and Europe. Thousands of units have been sold since we started selling in the UK in November 2021.

Things you should know:

  • Patented in UK and Europe
  • Brand new to the UK market.
  • Sales of 50,000+ units per year in Scandinavia alone.
  • Short lead times - stock dispatched from our UK warehouse near Manchester.
  • Almost zero returns.
  • Sells in all seasons!
  • Low minimum order quantities.

Contact our UK Manager Paul Jenkinson to find out more.

Paul Jenkinson
Phone: 0161 327 3984


Your parcel will be shipped from our UK warehouse.

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