Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original
Kindling Cracker Original

Kindling Cracker

Kindling Cracker Original

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Invented for those who find chopping wood with an axe, dangerous and difficult.

The Kindling Cracker™ more than halves the strength and precision needed to chop your firewood into kindling - And with the safety ring, you'll never miss a strike.

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How does it work?

The 3-step Process

1. Place a log inside the ring.

2. Give it a gentle tap to fix the log to the blade.

3. Remove your hand and strike the log until it splits.

🪵 Voilà! Fire ready wood.

Lasts For Decades

The Kindling Cracker™ is made with recycled Australian cast-iron, and forged in one complete mould.

What this means is it will last for decades, and will not break from overuse, or being dropped.

It does not need maintenance and to cover all bases, we offer a 5-year warranty and a no fuss 90 day return policy.

Handles All Firewood

The Kindling Cracker™ can handle all types of commercially sold firewood, including your own home-sourced wood.

All wood can be hitched onto the blade without the need for holding it in place with your hands. Here's a few examples:

Pine, Oak, Kiln Dried, Hardwood, Softwood, Ash, Birch, Hazel, Maple, and more...

16.5cm Diameter

Fits most commercially sold firewood, meaning less worry about if it fits and more about simply making firewood.

Need bigger? Check out The King.

Save Money With Our Bundles

Kindling Cracker Bundles

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Kindling Cracker Original BundleKindling Cracker Original Bundle
Kindling Cracker Original Bundle
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Kindling Cracker Original Premium BundleKindling Cracker Original Premium Bundle
Kindling Cracker Original Premium Bundle
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Save £15.00
Kindling Cracker King BundleKindling Cracker King Bundle
Kindling Cracker King Bundle
Sale price£183.00 Regular price£198.00
Save £25.00
Kindling Cracker King Premium BundleKindling Cracker King Premium Bundle
Kindling Cracker King Premium Bundle
Sale price£198.00 Regular price£223.00
Kindling Cracker After Use

No Maintenance Needed

Even after years of use, the Kindling Cracker™ will retain its function. Some owners like to look after their tools though, and we fully support that.

To keep it maintained, you can file the inside blade with just a few strokes.

Leaving it out in the rain can also affect the paint, so keep it covered if left outside. However, a simple repaint will have it looking brand new, just like when you first bought it.

Safety First

If you're worried about injuring yourself, The Kindling Cracker™ was made for you.

The ring at the top makes it so you can't hit the blade, and the forced position and angle you have to take to hit the wood, means no bruised forearms.

The way it's built means the wood can only land downward, so as long as you stand back, you'll always be safe no matter how hard you strike.

It's also made in one mould, no welding. This means no broken parts and no accidents.

Hammer Time

The Kindling Cracker™ works best with a hammer, you might already have a suitable one lying around.

Our bundles include a German-made 1.55kg (3.42lb) hammer, or you can grab a hammer on its own.

For the easiest experience, the hammer in the bundles is made specifically for use with The Kindling Cracker™ and is what we recommend.

Click here: Kindling Cracker Bundles | Sledgehammer




Check out what some of them are saying:

Eco-friendly production 🌱

Made from top-grade, recycled cast iron and manufactured in a foundry in Australia.

The packaging is eco-friendly using only plant-based print materials.

The foundry uses over 70% renewable energy with a target to use 100% by 2030.

Meet Ayla

The Young Inventor

Ayla Hutchinson was only 13 years old when she invented the Kindling Cracker™. Ayla's mother injured her finger while splitting wood with an axe. Ayla became determined to find a safer alternative.


The King model is almost twice the size of the Original. It allows you to split taller and wider firewood.

For already split firewood, the original works best.

For medium to large firewood, the Kindling Cracker™ King will be all you need for years.

You can split wood with a diameter of up to 16cm with the Kindling Cracker™ Original. With the King model, you can split wood up to 22.5cm. 

Any wood that can be split with an axe, can be split with a Kindling Cracker™. Oak, birch, and ash, are no problem at all.


The wedge design means the blade does not need to be razor sharp to work well.

It is easy to sharpen the blade if you want to and some owners decide to do that from time to time for their own peace of mind.

All you have to do is lay your Kindling Cracker™ flat, give it a few strokes with a metal file, and that's it.


Top grade cast iron is used to make the Kindling Cracker™. Every single one is manufactured in a renowned Australian foundry. The Kindling Cracker™ will last for generations if handled with care.

The Kindling Cracker™ Original and King, both come with a five-year warranty. All of our other products have a one-year warranty. 

This is down to personal preference, and it isn’t essential.

The design for both models does allow for fixing to a chopping block, for higher reach if needed.

Lots of owners split wood and make kindling without fixing their Kindling Cracker™ to anything.

As long as the ground is stable, it will work as it should. If it isn't stable, it'll still work as intended if you're aware of the fact.


We aim to have orders with customers within 1-2 workdays.

You will get delivery details in your confirmation email. We ship from our UK warehouse (near Manchester) using DPD. 🇬🇧

We currently offer free shipping on all orders over £99, which covers our Kindling Crackers.

Delivery typically takes 1-2 work days. Parcels are sent from our UK warehouse, and not from abroad.

We use DPD for all orders shipped within the UK.

We offer 90 day free returns, no fuss.

Your packing slip will detail the process, so keep it on hand just in case.

Alternatively, contact us via email, or through our Contact page above, letting us know you would like to return your parcel. We’ll ask DPD to arrange to collect it. The driver will bring the returns label, so we've got you covered if need be.

Our warehouse is in North West England, close to Manchester. 🇬🇧

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You can contact us through our contact page or write an email to, and we'll be happy to assist you with anything. Please don't hesitate.

Split firewood safely and easily with the Kindling Cracker™.

Designed to be used by anyone, both young and old, the Kindling Cracker™ removes the need for an axe, saving you from potentially injuring yourself while only needing less than half as much force. 

Sold around the world, The Kindling Cracker™ is quickly becoming the new go-to firewood splitting tool. This is what other Kindling Cracker™ owners have to say:

“Makes a fiddly job so easy, sturdy and so simple to use” - Sharon Hearn

“Certainly does what it says in the adverts. Very good quality, steer away from cheap imitations and buy the original you won't regret it.” - Ian Skelton

“Superb quality kindling cracker. Husband is currently outside enjoying playing at being a lumberjack chopping up kindling. Now I need to buy him a plaid shirt ” - Amanda Darbon

The Kindling Cracker™ is virtually maintenance free*, made with high-quality recycled Australian cast-iron, and no welding is involved. It’s forged entirely in one mould meaning no breakable joints.

The Kindling Cracker™ also comes with a 5-year warranty, a 90-day no fuss return process, and quick and effective customer support, even after purchase. 

*You can occasionally file the edge if you wish to extend its life by a decade or so, but it’s not needed. Keeping it stored indoors, fully covered, is recommended, as paint may come off if exposed to the rain. But it won’t affect its intended use. Repaint if necessary.


Your parcel will be shipped from our UK warehouse.

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